The Squire Reviews the Bucket

By: Logan Abbott

Looking for a place to go for dinner? Hoping to find a family friendly atmosphere, reasonable prices, and good food?  Sugar Grove has the restaurant for you!  The Squire recently interviewed people at Eisenhower to find out what they think of the classic restaurant in Sugar Grove, The Bucket.

The Bucket is in the heart of Sugar Grove, across the street from Wilcox Hardware Store and many other local businesses. The restaurant is a wooden building that has been there for a long time, and many consider it to be a staple of the little town of Sugar Grove. The restaurant has two sides, one is a bar side, and the other is a restaurant side. The Squire will be reviewing the restaurant side, which has a cozy and comfortable, small town atmosphere.

Mr. Logue, one of the history teachers here at Eisenhower Middle High School, shared his thoughts on the restaurant with The Squire. When asked about his favorite food at The Bucket, Mr. Logue said, “The only things that I have ever eaten at The Bucket were a cheeseburger and a grilled chicken salad, and both were very good.”

Mr. Logue also likes the atmosphere that is seen at The Bucket, describing, “The atmosphere was friendly. The waiters and the other people in the restaurant were friendly.” If you stop by The Bucket on a Friday night, it will be busy and bustling, but full of smiles and good food.  It is the place to be on a Friday night! The fun thing is that they serve great food, and have friendly waiters to serve you your delicious dish.

Mr. Logue has said that he likes the food and the atmosphere, but he really likes the price range of the food, explaining, “I think it’s [the price range] average, just like any other restaurant around.” When asked about what the people should improve at The Bucket, Mr. Logue shared that The Bucket should get more modern decorations to put inside of the restaurant.

As a reviewer for The Squire, I think that this restaurant gets nine stars out of ten because of the fact that it has excellent food selection and prices, but the decorations are not very modern. To conclude, The Bucket is fun, and has good food – a great place for your next family dinner.

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