Keeping Busy on Snow Days

By: Brittany Smith

Every year around this time it usually starts to snow, and, when that happens, we are bound to have some snow days! In Warren County School District, the Superintendent and the Director of Transportation determine if we have a snow day. If the roads and weather prediction aren’t really bad enough, then we will have a two-hour delay and run on a two-hour delay schedule during the school day.  However, if the weather and the roads are terrible and the weather prediction seems like the snow and ice will last all day, they’ll call a snow day. Although snow days can be fun, when our district has a snow day, we do have to make up the day using one of our makeup days built into the school calendar.

Despite having to eventually make up the day, snow days can be an exciting and fun day off of school. You can do a lot of things on snow days, like go outside, drink hot chocolate, or watch Christmas movies.

The Squire asked Brody Porter a series of questions about what he likes to do on snow days. Like many students, Brody prefers a snow day to a two-hour delay and some of his favorite things to do on a snow day start with some inside activities.  He shared that he likes to “sleep, eat, and watch Netflix on a snow day.” When it’s been a long week and you’re exhausted, there is no doubt that a snow day is good for sleeping in.

     Students could argue that there is an academic benefit to snow days. As Brody explained, “more snow days would be nice because it gives me a chance to work on any work that needs to be caught up on and have some down time.” If you’re having trouble getting caught up, a snow day is the perfect time to do it.

     It is also nice to have a little alone time at home while the snow is falling. Brody noted that during a snow day, “I would rather be alone because I’m with my friends all the time and even though I like hanging out with them it gives me time to be by myself.” Being alone will help you concentrate on things that you need to get done.

     Brody’s thoughts on a snow day are similar to many students here at Eisenhower. Even if snow days are not your favorite part of winter, they are a great excuse to take a day to relax. As winter continues, we look forward to many unexpected snowy days off, even if it means eventually making up the day.

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