Adapting to the New Classes

By: Rachel Frederick

Welcome back Eisenhower Knights!  Hopefully this summer break was one to remember. The Squire cannot wait to see all of your faces back here for yet another great school year!

One big change this year is the new high school reform, and it has been very interesting to see how things have tied together, with the new advisory and only having seven periods. Transitioning to seven periods, in addition to the class periods being fifty minutes instead of only forty-three, has been extremely different and will take some getting used to. The three minutes between classes has created a few complications and some busy hallways, as students try not to be late. The new schedule isn’t just an adjustment for students, it is also an adjustment for teachers, as the longer periods and shorter time between classes is going to be a tough change.

Even though there might be some disappointment, there are many positives to the new schedule. Students have more time in class to work and the teachers have more time to teach and get through everything needed for the day’s work.

Although throughout the first couple weeks of school, this transformation may have been confusing, once this school year gets into the flow, it will get easier and be another fantastic school year!

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