Eisenhower Enforces New School Policies

By: Dakota Chase

With the new school year, there are some new changes in the dress code and the cell phone policies. Due to the extreme heat during back to school time, the new dress code allows more leeway for different clothes.  For example, male students are allowed to wear cut off shirts, but the shirts still can’t be cut down to the waist line. Along with this guideline, according to the new assistant principal, the girls are allowed to wear shorts, as long as they aren’t super short.

The new cell phone policy is zero tolerance during class, allowing students more opportunities to focus on their schoolwork. The students aren’t allowed to be on their phones at all in class; they have to put them in the cell phone caddie. If a student is on their phone, teachers have been directed to take the phone and write the student up. There are; however, times the students are allowed to use their phones, such as in the hallways, during class change, and when they are in lunch.

The new policies will take a little time to get used to, for both students and teachers. Stay tuned to squirenews.com for the latest news in sports and school events.

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