The Christmas Walk Was Poppin’

By: Taylor Carr

For the past several years, Sugar Grove has put on a Christmas walk at the beginning of December to kick off the holiday season. The idea of the Christmas Walk involves inviting the community to spend time walking around the town and stopping in different businesses. It is a great time for spending time getting to know neighbors and community members. 

Like every year, including this year, there were many different businesses that helped sponsor the Christmas walk and opened their doors up to the community. Wilcox Brothers Hardware and Service, which looked straight out of a Hallmark movie,  lit up with Christmas lights, had two bonfires to for everyone to warm up from the cold, and, later on, had an a cappella choir of four older men singing Christmas songs. In addition, Kwik Fill gave out free hot cocoa and cookies, and Town and Country was doing face paintings and was giving away free samples of granola while people waited in line. Shortly before the Christmas walk was over, they started fireworks behind Sugar Grove Medical Center. The fireworks went on for about fifteen minutes, and had a big finale. Even Santa Clause was there to show some Christmas spirit, even though he’s busy making toys for the kids telling him what they want for Christmas.

Outside of Town and Country, Eisenhower’s cheerleaders were raising money by standing ringing a bell, trying to get people’s attention. The Squire interviewed sophomore cheerleader Sierra Darts, who participated in the fundraising. Sierra shared that they were raising money for The Salvation Army and enjoy doing it because it connects them to the community. Sierra also shared that the cheerleaders do not do this annually, but may begin to do so. Personally, Sierra doesn’t go to the Christmas walk every year but still said her favorite part about the walk was seeing how much the community works together.

All the different events that went on during the Christmas walk really get you into the Christmas spirit. Walking around with your friends and family can help you connect with each other. Seeing all the Christmas lights can light you up on the inside. You can get free hot cocoa to warm yourself up from the cold. So next year be sure to stop by and attend the annual Sugar Grove Christmas walk!

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