Swinging with Girls’ Sports

By: Jake Ruttenbur

Girls’ spring sports have started and are now in full swing. Finals are sneaking up on us and everyone is ready to just get out of school. March 1 was the first day of girls’ spring sports, which consist of softball and track.

The girls’ softball team has been struggling between the tough games and poor weather, causing many games to be cancelled. Currently, the team is working on getting all of their make-up games scheduled to finish out this season.  While it has been a difficult year, the girls are still hopeful they can even make playoffs this year. Along with girls’ softball there is also girls’ track, which recently broke a school record. Terrylee Talasky recently broke a school record that was set for twenty years and made Eisenhower history. She broke the record for the 400 meter dash. The Squire would like to congratulate Terrylee Talasky for her good work in girls track.

The Squire interviewed local home run hitter, Emily Rutsky, to find out what she thinks about this year’s spring girls sports season.

The Squire: What is your favorite sport?
Emily Rutsky: Softball is my favorite sport.
TS: How has your softball season been going?
ER: Well, considering the weather has made a lot of cancellations, it could be better.
TS: What is your favorite part of softball?
ER: I love when I’m pitching and the ball is hit right back up the middle because I have a chance of getting hit in the head and dying. Also when the game is over and I can go home and sleep.
TS: How long have you been playing sports?
ER: Probably like 473,040,000 seconds.
TS: What helps you get in the mental state to play games?
ER: Listening to music, being by myself, and knowing that I get to play, sometimes, 7 innings with all my friends.
TS: Do you think you will make playoffs this year and why?
ER: No, because we play some pretty tough teams and it’s a rough division.
TS: Would you consider playing any other sport and why?
ER: No, because I don’t have time. I would rather being doing other things.

Despite the challenges this year, everyone that plays girls’ sports is having a fun season, and they plan to keep fighting to get some more wins this year. The girls currently have eight games left in the season. The Squire would like to wish all of the girls’ spring sports good luck as they finish their season and I recommend everyone going out and supporting them.

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