Kicking it in Kinzua

By: Owen Nizzi

With temperatures rising, we will soon begin to show our summer bodies off while enjoying all of the activities Warren County has to offer.  Visitors and residents alike have been waiting all fall and winter to hit the lake on the ole’ motorboat to explore Chief Cornplanter’s stomping grounds.  This geographical region is also known for great fishing! Whether you’re flinging flies on the Allegheny River or jigging for them ‘eyes on the Allegheny Reservoir, you’re bound to experience the feeling of ripping a lip. After a day spent on the water, numerous people like to enjoy pitching tents at one of the several campgrounds the Kinzua area has to offer.

Not only are there water activities to enjoy, our region is very popular for mountain biking and hiking.  Some of the most popular trails are Jakes Rocks and Rimrock.  Here at The Squire, we decided to reel in fellow staff member, Dominick Giannini, for a quick interview about his summertime activities.

The Squire: Dominick, what do you enjoy about summer?
Dominick Giannini: Drinking soda by the lake and fishing for them Allegheny Monsters.
TS: Do you enjoy participating in water sports? If so, what is your favorite water sport?
DG: I like to go kayaking, preferably on the Conewango Creek.
TS: With whom do you most enjoy camping in the woods?
DG: I like to go alone or with my trusty sidekick Lexie; she’s a dog.
TS: Where is your favorite place to camp?
DG: Hellings Lane in Scandia, Pa. because of all the memories we’ve made there over the years.
TS: After a long summer day in the sun, what is your favorite way to cool down?
DG: I like to go for a dip in the reservoir, especially Webb’s Ferry.
TS: Do you have any major plans this summer?
DG: Going to take an international trip south of the border to enjoy the sun with my buds.

As school is winding down, we will all get the urge to spend a day enjoying the great outdoors. For the seniors, this summer is the last one before we venture into the real world, so it’s about time to enjoy every last drop and make those memories that last a lifetime.

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