Choosing Tunes for Prom 2k17

By: John Bortz III

It’s coming around to the end of the school year, so that means prom is upon us! Everyone is getting their promposal ready, renting cars you can’t afford for a day, and picking out dress or tuxedo to match your date for the evening. This dance is definitely the big event in high school and, with that, there has to be great tunes to go with it. Whether your favorite is the dance music, country music, or the slow dance songs for all the ladies, the music is a huge part of the night.

So for this Squire article, we sat down with fellow classmate, Matt Huling, for his advice on good tunes and dance moves.

The Squire: What music you want to hear at Prom this year?
Mr. Huling: I’m hoping for some upbeat dance music and, for all the ladies out there, some slow jams for some slow dances.
TS: What are some of your favorite jams right now?
MH: I would definitely have to say “I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World” is definitely up there right now.
TS: On a scale of 1-10, do you get down during the “Cupid Shuffle” and why?
MH: One because I don’t care enough to do the dance. I liked it more back in the day, but now it’s more child’s play for me.
TS: Do you have to warm up for the music? If so, what do you do?
MH: I like to do some jumping jacks, toe touches, and stretches to get my arms out a little bit, so I can dab better. You just really have to get into it so you don’t pull a muscle when you’re jamming out.
TS: Are you more of a “dougie” type of guy or a “juju on that beat” type of guy?
MH: I’m more of a “juju on that beat” type of guy just because the “dougie” came out when I was younger and I didn’t really learn the dance, so I’m not a real big fan of it.
TS: What are some of your favorite slow dance songs?
MH: I could not tell because I do not care. I leave that up to the ladies. T Swift works, I guess.
TS: How many times will you roughly dab at prom?
MH: That is an uncountable number; it will happen a lot. Honestly, I’d just go with infinity, if I were you.
TS: What makes a good dab?
MH: You really got to get your face deep in the elbow, just to emphasize it and, with the other arm, you really got to get the flick of the wrist out there. You really have to dig deep for that.

As you can see, music at prom is very important key to making prom an enjoyable experience, and, if you’re wondering whether to come or not, come on out because it benefits the school and you’ll have a night of fun. For prom this year, make sure you have your dance moves ready because, from what I can see from this interview, Mr. Huling most definitely is ready to go. I hope all these tips are helpful to make sure you don’t look like a fool out on the dance floor, and, if all else fails, remember to dig deep in the elbow then flick the wrist to go from fool to cool on the dance floor. Until next time, stay classy Eisenhower.

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