Whacking Whitetails

By: Owen Nizzi

For many in this county, the most anticipated time of the year is now upon us – deer season. If you’re not one of the 935,146 hunters that hit the hills of Pennsylvania this year, you better take a few “bucks” and head on down to Walmart so you can purchase a license and have a little “fawn.” The Pennsylvania Rifle opener is always the first Monday after Thanksgiving and normally runs through the second week of December.  Hunters can hunt antlered or antlerless whitetails, if they were lucky enough to get one of the limited antlerless tags that are issued by the Pa Game Commission.  The sportsmen of Pennsylvania may use archery equipment, rifles larger than .22 caliber, and, if you’re feeling traditional, you could bust out the ol’ smoke pole.  

Now that The Squire is on the topic of hunting equipment, we tracked down one of the mightiest mountain men in the northern attendance area, Paul Swanson, to ask him a few questions about deer season.

The Squire: Paul, how many whitetails have you laid the smack down on?

Paul Swanson: Well, you see, I’ve sent a few hunks of lead down range and gave four Scandia whitetails a dirt nap.

TS: What caliber of rifle do you carry when you are hitting the hills of Northwestern Pennsylvania?

PS: I carry with me one of the most popular deer calibers ever; it would be my trusty bolt action .243.

TS: Since you’re still a youngin’ who do you have to mentor you when you hunt?

Even though we know that town of Scandia is full of outlaws.

PS: Either my Dad or Grandpa usually takes me hunting; I’ve learned everything I know about the woods from these two men and couldn’t imagine not hunting with them.

TS: We’ve got one last question for you, Paul. Once you get a deer, what is your favorite cut of meat?

PS:  I personally prefer the back straps fried in a little oil and breaded with flour, it’s the sweet meat that you can’t ever beat.

Well the staff at The Squire would like to thank Paul for his time, and we wish other fellow outdoorsman luck this season. With that being said, it is time to get off the computer and get back to prepping for next season.


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