Get Ready For Fishing

By: Elijah Lauffenberger

This spring, get your fishing poles out and ready to go. This year’s fishing has already started and the snow is almost gone. Most people prefer to fish in hot, humid weather but there’s also ice fishing for the winter. Last year’s ice fishing wasn’t ideal, considering that we had a warm winter due to El Niño. That’s not all bad, though; because of the mild winter, bass, trout, and perch stayed more active through the cold weather. The weather may cause this year’s fishing should kick start sooner than previous years.  In Warren County, there are a lot of hotspots to fish, such as the Point (where the Allegany River meets the Conewango River), Webbs Fery, Chapman’s Dam, Roper Hollow, and the reservoir.

Trout starts on Saturday, April, 16. You will need to get your gear ready to really be prepared.  Here are some things you will need: #5 or #6 rod size, a small reel, waders, polarized sunglasses, and four to six pound test line. You should also make sure that you purchase a license if you are age 16 or older. When you have these items, you are ready to fish for trout.

Bass fishing starts on June, 16, and you may need bigger tackle (equipment) to successfully fish for bass. Bass are generally bigger and stronger than trout, meaning that four pound test line is not recommended, so you should use eight to ten pound test for bass fishing. After you get this line, you will need a good lure, such as Rapala, Blue Fox, Berkley spinners, or even spoons to catch that trophy bass.      

The Squire asked Squire staff member Josh Haight about his favorite fishing experience. Josh responded by saying, “One time when I was fishing, my fishing pole broke, so I took the line and hook; put bait on it, and climbed a nearby tree. I eventually caught a fish. All that my father saw was a fish floating in the air, until I climbed down the tree to find him laughing hysterically.” So from all of us Squire members, go out and catch some bass.

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