Picking the Perfect Place for Prom Dinner

By: Kate Daugharthy

Prom is a night full of excitement and high expectations. There are many essential things for you to consider while planning this very important night. Every person has different priorities for the night.  Some may be more concerned about their hair or outfit, while others may be focusing on their expert dance moves, but most focus on the most vital part of the night – dinner.

Dinner is what makes or breaks a great night, and picking a restaurant can be stressful. Both you and your date need to agree on a place, as well as others if you want to go as a group. The location needs to be ideal and the restaurant needs to be classy, but not too fancy. The restaurant also needs to be a place that provides a meal within your budget. In addition to these necessities, the restaurant needs to have excellent food.

The Squire set up a poll to see where our loyal readers plan on eating before prom. Out of 21 votes, 33% of people wanted to go to Olive Garden, 29% chose Ribs and Bones, 24% picked The Landmark, and 14% wanted Applebees.

As you can see by the poll, Olive Garden in Lakewood is a popular restaurant to eat at before prom. There is a dish for everyone to enjoy, and pasta provides your body with the carbs you need to dance all night. Unless your date is a Giannini, they will love the Italian atmosphere, and it will set a romantic mood for a great night. If you are stuck with no place to go for dinner, Olive Garden is a great option.

The dinner before the dance sets the mood for the rest of the night. If you bring your date to an awful restaurant, they will most likely be upset the whole night and they will not be impressed with you. If you want to sweep your date off their feet you need to provide them with a superb dinner. If you want prom to be success, be sure to select the perfect restaurant for a perfect night.

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