Activities to Enjoy Instead of Prom

By: Rachel Bimber

Prom is approaching closer and closer, which means a night of fun, music, dancing, and memories. But, what about the people who aren’t going to prom this year? What will they be doing instead of dancing with friends? Will they even be with friends?

The Squire interviewed a few students who are choosing not to attend prom this year and asked them what they plan on doing instead. When asked about why he didn’t go to prom last year, Eisenhower senior Josh Haight said, “I didn’t have anyone to go with. I ended up going to work instead, which was pretty okay since I got to make some money, which is always nice.” Another student, Levi Kelly, told The Squire, “I don’t plan on attending prom this year because I have no girl to take and none of my friends are going. Instead, we’re going to spend the night playing Xbox online.” So, rather than spending the night alone, these two students chose to do something to occupy their time instead of remaining alone.

Some fun ideas instead of prom are mini golfing at Dairy Queen, shopping at the mall, going out to eat at favorite restaurants, girls/guys nights out, or laser tag in Jamestown or in Erie.  Really, the sky is the limit. Just because someone doesn’t have a date and isn’t going to prom, that shouldn’t prevent them from having a fun night with friends. So, whether it’s going to be prom night or an alternative night, make it a night to remember.

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