Samara Warren

By: Allie Schutt Senior Co-Editor

This year, the Journalism Club at Eisenhower decided to add positions to The Squire staff. Samara Warren was chosen as one of the media managers. Her role as a media manager includes updating The Squire Instagram and Twitter on events happening in the community and at EHS. The Squire talked to Samara to get to know more about her.

The Squire: Why did you apply to be a media manager for The Squire?

Samara Warren: I applied to be the media manager because Ms. Howe told me that I would be good for the job, due to my experience with social media. Also, I enjoy interacting and talking with people about The Squire.

TS: What does your role as a media manager include?

SW: As media manager I write blog posts on the website, and update our Twitter and Instagram with what’s going on at Eisenhower during that time period. My Partner in Crime, Amber Gardner, is also a media manage so we do all of this together.

TS: What are your plans after you graduate?

SW: I plan on going to college to either JCC for two years or Pitt Bradford. I still have other colleges I want to check out. Then I’m going to adopt many dogs and live in a purple house.

TS: Word on the street is that you are the 2015 Eisenhower High School Homecoming Queen. How do you feel about that?

SW: I felt awesome about being Homecoming Queen! I loved seeing people that I didn’t even know come up to me and say congratulations even weeks after Homecoming. I got to pick the song that Louie and I got to dance to, and I still wear my crown around my house. It was a great experience.

TS: Who is your favorite boy band and boy band member? Why?

SW: My favorite boyband is One Direction. Zayn WAS my favorite member because I loved him from day one, but we all know that didn’t last. Niall is definitely my top fav now because he’s absolutely adorable, his voice brings me life, and I’m a sucker for blonde hair and blue eyes.

TS: If you could be any super hero, what would you be and why?

SW: I would be Superman because who wouldn’t want to be Superman? I would be strong; I could fly, and be pretty much indestructible, except when it comes to Kryptonite.

TS: Would you rather be an octopus or a cheetah? Why?

SW: I would be a cheetah because I would love being able to run extremely fast. The ocean scares me so I would never want to be an octopus.


As you can see, Samara is a cool dude with a great taste in music. She fits the position of media manager well because she attends almost every school event. We sure are glad that Miss Howe chose her as a media manager! Good luck in all that you do, Sammy Jammy! (Don’t forget to watch out for those centipedes!)

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