Amber Gardner

By: Kayla Kuppertz Editor-in-Chief

The Squire has seen a lot of changes over the past year, one of them being the introduction of a couple new editor positions. Amber Gardner fills one such position as a Media Manager. Amber is a senior this year, and in her third year of journalism, so her experience makes her a great fit. The Squire spoke with Amber to get to know her a little better.

The Squire: What inspired you to apply for Media Manager?

Amber Gardner: I’m really big on social media, and I enjoy taking pictures and videos.

TS: What do you do as a Media Manager?

AG: I go to most of the school events and I take pictures and videos for our social media pages and our website.

TS: What do you enjoy the most about being in journalism?

AG: I really enjoy the video projects.  We are also listening to a podcast called Serial and I enjoy listening to that too.

TS: How do you feel about the changes that were made to the club this year?

AG: It didn’t have a huge impact on me but I like that we switch news anchors and I like that we added in the media manager position.

TS: What other activities are you involved in?

AG: The only activities I do are competition dance, along with recital dance.

TS: How do you feel about your senior year so far?

AG: It made me realize that I probably shouldn’t go to college for another 12 years to be a dentist.  It’s not bad but I wish it would end quicker.

TS: What are your plans for after graduation?

AG: I’m going to Penn Tech for Dental Hygiene.

TS: Do you have any hidden talents? What are they?

AG: I can sing and dance, but everyone knows I can dance 😉

TS: What will you miss the most about Eisenhower?

AG: Seeing my friends every day and Miss. Howe.

TS: How accurate do you think your Squire horoscope is?

AG: I think it’s very accurate.

The Squire is very lucky to have a star like Amber on our staff. As one of three students in journalism three, Amber has definitely earned her spot as an editor. Hopefully she will make all of our future dentist appointments better. Good luck at tech school Amber, The Squire will certainly miss you!

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