EHS Senior Co-Editor Allie Schutt

Allie Schutt

By: Kayla Kuppertz Editor-in-Chief

This year, The Squire has made some major changes and we’ve brought on more staff members than usual. We now have two Co-Editors, and our Senior Co-Editor is Allie Schutt. Allie is a dedicated student who obviously enjoys journalism, and The Squire spoke with her to introduce her to you.

The Squire: What inspired you to apply for Co-Editor?

Allie Schutt: Kayla Kuppertz really inspired me to apply. I have the literary skills to fulfill this position due to my participation in advanced English classes. At first I didn’t think I would fit the position well, but I was convinced otherwise by Kayla and Miss Howe.

TS: How has becoming an editor affected you?

AS: Being an editor has really changed my life. I spend a lot of my study halls editing articles when we’re getting the newspaper ready for publishing. I also feel really important in class when I can make authoritative decisions.

TS: What other activities are you a part of?

AS: Aside from being the Senior Co-Editor and Secretary of the Journalism Club, I am involved in many activities. I support the basketball team from the sidelines due to an injury to my brain during my sophomore year. I am also in youth group. In my free time, I enjoy obsessing over bands rather than being involved in a lot of other activities.

TS: What would you say is your true passion?

AS: My true passion would have to be marrying Calum Hood.

TS: Do you have any hidden talents?

AS: I can play guitar. I play the electric guitar every Sunday at church and the acoustic in my free time. I want to learn how to play the bass, but I’m not good enough yet.

TS: What are your plans after graduation?

AS: After graduation, I hope to go to Los Angeles for a few days before eventually attending Kent State University as an interior design major.

TS: If you had to choose between being co-editor or being the world’s fastest rock-wall climber, which would you pick?

AS: I would definitely pick being the Co-Editor because I’m not very good at mountain climbing.

TS: What do you think is the best part of being in journalism?

AS: The best part of being in journalism is being able to brighten my mornings by seeing Miss Howe.

TS: If you started a band, what would you call it and what kind of music would you play?

AS: If I started a band, I would probably suggest being called The Rejects or something edgy like that. Our music would be One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer inspired. We might have some alternative-type music in there too. We would do a lot of covers and eventually get famous.

We hope you make it big with your band Allie, and save us some back-stage passes! All-in-all, The Squire is extremely honored to have the marvelous senior, guitarists, and band enthusiast, Allie Schutt, editing our articles. Good luck with all of your future endeavors! You can follow Allie on Instagram and Twitter @allli_e.


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