Tips for Ending Senior Year

By: Meghan Hagberg

As the last year of high school is coming to an end for EHS seniors, there are many things that the soon-to-be graduates should be accomplishing. It can sometimes be stressful to remember all the things that you need to do before the deadlines hit. The Squire is here to help give you tips as you transition into college.

  • Apply to College– You should apply to a few colleges; definitely apply to your “dream” school and to places where you know you will be accepted.
  • Visit Colleges you wish to attend– You should first visit any college that you want to attend to determine if you can see yourself living there for four or more years.
  • Learn what college professors are going to expect from you– Research the styles of teaching common in the college setting, as well as what professors are going to expect you to do while in their class.
  • Practice your study skills– Practice good studying habits so when you get to college you aren’t surprised by the different transitions.
  • Figure out how you learn best in college– Practice different types of study habits, such as studying in quiet or while listening to music, to help you find which are best for you.
  • Explore technology that you’re going to use in college– Look into the new technology that you will be using every day and get to know it better. Look online to find the best laptop to help you through school.
  • Apply for Scholarships– Scholarships take a little work, but it is worth it – why not apply for free money? Be sure that while you’re applying for scholarships, you follow all the directions, and are neat and accurate with your answers.
  • Send a thank you letter to everyone who wrote you recommendation letters– Your teachers and advisors worked hard to write you a great letter of recommendation. It is proper etiquette to thank all the people that helped you get into college or receive scholarships.

Following these tips will help you feel the most prepared while you are heading off to college. Good luck to the EHS class of 2015!

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