Just Kidding Around

By: Alisen Hazeltine

As we’re just hopping into the new spring season, the air is beginning to fill with the fresh scent of flowers, rain, and, not to mention, laughs. This April Fool’s Day, many pranks were pulled all around the world. Friends, family, and everyone in between were cautious of any childish antics to be played on them. While some pranksters may have taken the more classic route, including a pie in the face, an innocent whoopee cushion on someone’s seat, or a funny phone call, others took it to a more extreme measure. Continue reading Just Kidding Around

Tips for Ending Senior Year

By: Meghan Hagberg

As the last year of high school is coming to an end for EHS seniors, there are many things that the soon-to-be graduates should be accomplishing. It can sometimes be stressful to remember all the things that you need to do before the deadlines hit. The Squire is here to help give you tips as you transition into college. Continue reading Tips for Ending Senior Year