Just Kidding Around

By: Alisen Hazeltine

As we’re just hopping into the new spring season, the air is beginning to fill with the fresh scent of flowers, rain, and, not to mention, laughs. This April Fool’s Day, many pranks were pulled all around the world. Friends, family, and everyone in between were cautious of any childish antics to be played on them. While some pranksters may have taken the more classic route, including a pie in the face, an innocent whoopee cushion on someone’s seat, or a funny phone call, others took it to a more extreme measure.

To get a more in-depth look at new prank ideas, The Squire sat down with the local prankster, Christian Hefright, a junior attending Eisenhower Middle High School.

TS: What past pranks have you already pulled on your friends and family?

CH: Well, I put a walkie talkie underneath my sisters’ bed and talked in a really creepy voice to scare them. That was pretty funny because, you know, they were like four. Then, last year, my mom left her Facebook account open and I got on and posted a picture of a sonogram and wrote that she was expecting her fourth child. This year, though, I texted my parents telling them that I got pulled over and was given a speeding ticket. My dad didn’t believe me, but my mom was pretty upset about it.

TS: Have these all been original ideas?

CH: Yeah, all of them have been original ideas except the speeding ticket.

TS: Which prank has been your favorite to pull?

CH: Definitely the sonogram I posted on my mom’s Facebook. It had the best reaction.

TS: Lastly, have you yourself ever been pranked?

CH: Rarely, but when I have, they weren’t done very well and I didn’t really fall for them.

So, whether you’re a new comer or a long time prankster, there’s always room for new ideas to fool your friends. Be creative and have fun with ideas for next April Fool’s Day.

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