Choosing the Perfect Prom Date

By: Keeley Marquis

With prom quickly approaching, many single girls are worrying about their dresses, up-do’s, and of course, their dates. While students already in relationships pretty much have their dates figured out, single girls and guys are left wondering who they should ask to join them at the biggest dance of the year. So what needs to be considered in choosing the perfect prom date?

Chris Sanders told The Squire, “I look for maturity, inner beauty and good looks, picking the right prom date will ensure that you have a great prom.” For guys looking for a prom date chose someone you like being around and will make your prom night special. For girls, it is usually desired to have a taller date, especially if they want to wear heels, but it is not necessary; just choose someone you know will make your night one to remember. Sam Dalrymple told The Squire, “It’s important to think about if you want someone taller than you or maybe shorter than you, if you want someone who will dance with you or just stand at the snack table.” If you want to dance, make sure you ask someone who isn’t afraid to get out and dance with you. For all you wallflowers out there, it’s important to pick a date that will make hanging out by the food table a good time.

The important thing to take in consideration when choosing who to ask to prom is who you believe you would have the most fun with. See you all on May 30 for EHS prom at the Willow Bay Theatre in Jamestown!

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