EHS Prom Court 2015

Prom 2015: A Knight on the Red Carpet

By: Sam Dalrymple

This year’s prom was located in Jamestown, New York, at the Willow Bay Theater, where the fourth floor of the building was transformed into a scene from a Hollywood movie. The venue was beautiful and large; there were high ceilings, chandeliers, and balconies overlooking the dance floor. The dance was covered in all things Hollywood, and was not a disappointment in any way; to say it lived up to all expectations would be an understatement. Prom committee, along with the advisors of the club, and parents, went to a lot of trouble to ensure that the night would be perfect for everyone. They even went as far as offering free valet parking for those students who attended the dance!
Logan Black was this year’s DJ at the Eisenhower prom, and he did a fantastic job playing, mixing, and taking requests for songs. The beats were rockin’ and everyone on the dance floor was too! There was a perfect mix between slow songs, and upbeat dancing songs, along with a few country tracks thrown into the mix. DJ Logan Black has been DJing Eisenhower proms for many years, and never fails to do a great job! While the music was playing, and the students were dancing, there were students from prom committee who volunteered their time to help at the dance, who were counting the votes and getting ready to introduce the prom court, along with the 2015 king and queen.
Prom court was voted by the senior class and consisted of five senior girls, escorted by five senior guys. The couples were, Jesse Valone, escorted by Jason Morine, Nikki Dubyne, escorted by Jarrett Johnson, Sam Dalrymple, escorted by Ben Harvey, Kellie Coons, escorted by Brent Gerbec, Holly Chapman, escorted by Logan Bellardo, and Haylie Birt, escorted by Willy Acklin. The juniors and seniors who attended the dance were then given the opportunity to vote for king and queen, before eight o’clock rolled around. Once the clock struck eight, all voting closed and the votes were tallied up. The 2015 Eisenhower High School, prom king and queen, were Jarrett Johnson, and Haylie Birt. The Squire sends congratulations to Haylie and Jarrett; both of the students were rightfully dubbed royalty!
Overall, this year’s prom was a success to say the least! From the decorations, to the music and dancing, it turned out to be perfect. It truly felt like a night spent in Hollywood, on the Red Carpet.

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