Hunt Turkeys this Spring

By: Owen Nizzi

There isn’t a sound that can beat the way a gobble sounds on a crisp, sunny May morning. If you don’t believe me, then get out and go turkey hunting. Pennsylvania has one species of wild turkey, the Eastern Wild Turkey. There are four main species – the Eastern, Goulds, Rio Grande, and Oceola. These birds exist all throughout the United States. Continue reading Hunt Turkeys this Spring

Shooting into 3-on-3

By: Thomas Warren

Get your teams ready, because it’s that time of year for 3-on-3 basketball tournaments! The first basketball tournament of the year is The March Madness, which is played at Lakewood YMCA. I participated in this tournament and took first out of my age group this year, which was the varsity division. The next basketball tournament around this area is The World Gus Macker, held at Betts Park, in Warren, PA. The basketball games on each court are officiated. The tournament also includes the Special Olympic athletes playing on the “Dream Court.” It has been a wonderful experience for all participants. Continue reading Shooting into 3-on-3

Dribbling into March Madness

By: Jake Harvey

All season long, fans, players, and coaches anxiously wait for March to start. Every March, 64 division 1 men’s basketball teams are selected to play in a tournament. The winner of the tournament is the National Champion, and the tournament is called March Madness. Each team in the tournament is given a seed number 1-16, one being the best seed and sixteen being the worst. The bracket matches up so a one seed will end up playing a sixteen seed to take pressure off the one seed, which has earned its position in the regular season. Continue reading Dribbling into March Madness

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