Crowning the King and Queen

By: Nick Smelko

During Homecoming, the most anticipated event for many is the crowning of the king and queen. Each year, six girls and six guys from the senior class are chosen to be on the court. In preparation for their introduction at the football game, every contestant fills out a paper with their life ambitions and all their activities and sports they participated in during their time at EHS. Then, at halftime of the Homecoming game, each couple is introduced and, after much anticipation, the king and queen are announced.

In addition to the twelfth graders chosen for the senior court, underclassmen are also chosen to be on the Homecoming court, however, they are not able to be crowned king or queen. The court for underclassmen included: freshmen, Leah Peterson and Dillon Benson; sophomores, Michelle Kingsley and Dakota Chase; and juniors, Delaney Nizzi and Ethan Chambers.

The 2017 EHS senior Homecoming court consisted of: Laura Courson, escorted by Caleb Eyler; Savannah McKown, escorted by Justin Hagberg; Sandra Richards, escorted by Spencer Head; TerryLee Talasky, escorted by Matt Huling; Mariette Williams, escorted by Nick Smelko; and Ally Woolslayer, escorted by Ross Venman. Making 2017 uniquely different from past years, each couple made their appearance at half time, riding in on an impressive horse-drawn carriage.

The crowd anxiously awaited the crowning of Eisenhower’s homecoming royalty, cheering enthusiastically when it was announced that TerryLee Talasky and Ross Venman are the 2017 Homecoming king and queen.

The Squire sat down with the royalty, as well as some other members of court to discuss the experience. Before the big announcement, Savannah McKown shared that she was most excited about getting the chance to ride in the horse-drawn carriage as the court made their appearance at the football game.  The court also spent some time talking with the contestants about the qualities that those chosen for court should demonstrate.  Laura Courson shared that she feels those on court should “be active in the school, as well as have school spirit.”  The EHS 2017 Homecoming king and queen were excited to be chosen to represent Eisenhower, saying, “It’s an honor and a privilege to be named the 2017 Homecoming King and Queen.”

     Although the Knights lost the Homecoming game against Seneca, school spirit remained high, and Eisenhower’s Homecoming event was a success.   The weekend wrapped up with a Homecoming dance, featuring a theme of “A Knight in the Castle,” and including a grand entrance of the entire Homecoming court and special recognition of the 2017 king and queen.

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