Students Show Their School Spirit

By: Rachel Frederick

At Eisenhower Middle High School, spirit week has been getting more exciting each year that it happens. Students try their hardest to have a good time and show that they have the school spirit that the staff and other students are looking for. Some would say it helps with the school’s pride and shows how excited the students are for the Homecoming festivities. Spirit week has been hit or miss for years, but this year, things have changed, and it looks like it’s for the better.

Students throughout the school have many different things to say about spirit week and how things are run. A variety of students and teachers were interviewed about their opinions of spirit week. The Squire was interested in finding out what they liked about it and what they would change, if anything, for next year. Eisenhower student, Lydia Giannini, shared that her favorite day of spirit week was “Blue and Gold day, because almost everyone participated and it really shows our school spirit that we’ve been missing.” They also asked Eisenhower’s health and gym teacher, Mr. Black, what he would like to see in next year’s spirit week, and he shared, “I would still like to see favorite college day, but I would also like to see superhero day, color wars, and camo day. I feel like they would get many more participants and almost everyone would definitely participate in camo day.” Taking those ideas into consideration, Student Council may have an even better turn out next year.

Spirit week is run by Student Council and their advisor, Mrs. Slattery. Student Council is a club with about five students from each grade, rounding it around to 25-30 students who do a lot for the school. They also plan Homecoming and the Mid-Winter dance. Coming up with the spirit week themes can be a difficult process. The Squire asked Mrs. Slattery a couple questions about spirit week.

The Squire: What is the process to choosing the theme and days for spirit week?

Mrs. Slattery: When choosing the days for spirit week, we first decide on what we want the theme of Homecoming to be. Once we have a theme, we try to have days that go along with the theme of the dance. Student Council spits out a bunch of different ideas and then from those ideas, we narrow it down to what would work best for each day.

TS: Why do we decide to have a spirit week?

MS: The whole reason behind Spirit Week is to get the students pumped and more involved in their school community. We hope by having a theme and different “dress-up” days that students would participate and get more pumped for the Homecoming game, and the school as a whole.

Spirit week is what most students would consider the best week of the year. The faculty love to see what school spirit we have, and it’s a great way to get everyone involved and to have a good time. We look forward to seeing what creative ideas Student Council comes up with for the next spirit week!

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