Celebrating a Quarantine Valentine’s Day

By: Kiley Youngberg 

      In comparison to recent years, this Valentine’s Day will be one of the most unique. Most of us will have to spend our Valentine’s Day in a different way. If you are quarantined on Valentine’s Day, you really can’t do as much as usual, but there are still some fun activities you can do yourself. Most people on Valentine’s Day like to take their boyfriend or girlfriend out to dinner. With Covid-19, however, you really cannot go out because most restaurants are closed for in person dining.  So, most likely, this year we will be celebrating a quarantined Valentine’s Day  inside.

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Transitioning Between Learning Options

By: Maddison Blose 

     Imagine waking up every day and connecting to your class online, everyone with their mics and cameras off, working silently. Sounds boring, right? The online version of teaching and learning is relatively new to many teachers and students, and a recent rise in COVID-19 cases resulted in a temporary transition to remote learning. Many teachers and students were glad to be away, while others struggled and wished we were still learning in person.  Looking at both options, which one do you prefer? 

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