Covid-19 Affects the Moto Community

By: Paige Edwards  

     Covid-19 has affected many sports across the world. Motocross is just one that hits close to home. Due to the restrictions the virus has set, many tracks have not been able to open their doors this spring. Professional races have been canceled. Plus, the many people who have been waiting for this time of year to come around are now devastated.   Continue reading Covid-19 Affects the Moto Community

Ending Senior Year with Disappointment

By: Ayla Valone

When I entered Eisenhower in September 2019, my head was filled with the thought that this was my last year and I planned for fun and excitement. Little did I expect that it would be abruptly ended by a Global Pandemic. This pandemic has put all our lives to a screeching halt; within the last few months our lives have changed drastically. Those changes include little socialization, businesses shut down, extra safety precautions like masks and gloves, economic downfall, and this is only the surface of the problem. Since this has happened, my life has changed in the way I graduate, the long-term effects of the pandemic, and many more ways. Continue reading Ending Senior Year with Disappointment

Making the Best of Quarantine

By: Morgan Kellogg 

     When I found out we would be off for two weeks my reaction was unlike any other student at Eisenhower. As Mrs. Alm came over the loudspeaker, I instantly knew that this was going to be longer than Governor Wolf had anticipated. I started to realize all the things that we might be missing if this 10-day period would be longer, and I was very upset and didn’t understand why we had to close our school. At that point, the Coronavirus was just starting to spread, and we hadn’t gotten any cases in Warren County yet.   Continue reading Making the Best of Quarantine

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