Adventuring Your Way Into Summer

By: Paige Edwards 

     As the school year winds down and is coming to an end, we look forward to warm summer days. Some great ways to get out and enjoy those warm days are hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. Lucky for the students of Eisenhower, we have some great places to do all those things located right here in good old Warren County. The Squire interviewed Eisenhower English teacher and outdoor lover, Ms. Howe, so you can be prepared for all your outdoor adventures this summer season. 

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Get Away With Some Vacay

By: Haley Eckman 

     With summer coming up, a lot of people are starting to plan vacations for over summer break. There are many great options to choose from without having to travel too far. Whether you’re looking for a weeklong stay or just a weekend getaway, there’s always a new place to see. The Squire interviewed Winnie Wolf and Mrs. Rouse to see where they like to go on vacation. A poll was also posted on The Squire’s Instagram page to get a wider viewpoint. 

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Student Spotlight Shines Brightly on Audrey Kellogg

By: Caroline Smyth 

     Audrey Kellogg is a hardworking and beloved senior at Eisenhower High School. The daughter of Mandy and Brandon Kellogg, and a member on her varsity fall cheer team, Kellogg has always been active. To learn more about this shining student, The Squire interviewed her about the school year and some of her favorite moments.  

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