The Main Landing Prepares for Busy Season

By: Hope Hefright

Sitting on the Holiday Harbor Marina in Celoron, NY, The Main Landing has just started running year round, and is doing so with great casual dining and friendly service. Their seafood is hailed as a specialty, and, of the 120 people that recommend them on Facebook, the most talked about dishes are corn beef and cabbage, lobster cream sauce, and chicken piccata. The restaurant features a warm, but chic decor inside and a pleasant outdoor eating area. Sitting on the deck, you can overlook the water and look at the ducks or a stunning sunset while you enjoy a meal served hot and delicious. Continue reading The Main Landing Prepares for Busy Season

Learning the History of Easter Traditions

By: Delaney Chase

People all over the world have celebrated Easter since A.D. 30. Easter is a Christian tradition that was first celebrated when Jesus Christ was resurrected on the third day of his death, where he was crucified by the Romans for his beliefs. This makes Easter a very important holiday for Christians, as it is the foundation of their religion. Easter falls on a different date each year, but this year it is on Sunday, April 21. Continue reading Learning the History of Easter Traditions

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