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Sorrows of 2020 Seniors

By: Logan Abbott
On a normal school day, I would be sitting in my classes, learning and corresponding with my friends and my teachers. However, due to the Coronavirus that has swept the world, schools have been shut down, sports have been canceled, and as a result, kids as well as adults, are sitting and learning inside. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 classes will end their learning careers virtually. Continue reading Sorrows of 2020 Seniors

State Ranked Wrestler Thanks Eisenhower Community

By: Logan Jaquay

My senior season of wrestling was sure one to remember thanks to everyone here in the Eisenhower community. Without my wonderful family, coaches, practice partners, friends, fans, teachers, and staff and administration of Eisenhower, accomplishing my goals would have been impossible. I cannot thank all of these people enough for pushing me to be the best that I can be and all the support they gave me for one last run in Hershey. Continue reading State Ranked Wrestler Thanks Eisenhower Community

Covid-19 Affects the Moto Community

By: Paige Edwards  

     Covid-19 has affected many sports across the world. Motocross is just one that hits close to home. Due to the restrictions the virus has set, many tracks have not been able to open their doors this spring. Professional races have been canceled. Plus, the many people who have been waiting for this time of year to come around are now devastated.   Continue reading Covid-19 Affects the Moto Community