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My Maddening Quarantine Quandary  

By: Lilly Darling 

     As you progress into the end of your senior year, there are many long lasting memories you make. Most of the things that happen may be overlooked or unnoticed by a normal senior, but the class of 2020 is anything but normal. As a graduating senior of 2020, I have come to understand the importance of enjoying every moment you have, and recognizing the value of friendships. The COVID-19 crisis was, sadly, an impending pandemic. Unfortunately, this virus hit the United States, causing many setbacks for the whole country. A major heartbreak for me specifically was the abrupt end of my senior year of high school. While I was never one to be competitive, I enjoyed the opportunity to be apart of a team and make new friends. I spontaneously decided to join Eisenhower’s softball team this spring, looking forward to the new experiences. Although I did not get to play in any games, I met some great girls and got even closer with one of my best friends, who also plays.   Continue reading My Maddening Quarantine Quandary  

Finding the Brightside of Quarantine

By: Hannah Newcamp 

     During this chaotic time, it can be hard not to panic. Different organizations and our government are doing what they can to keep us informed and healthy. Although the Coronavirus is a major issue causing many changes, it does not have to ruin your days. The number of things you can do at home or with your family is abundant. While we have been on break, there have been many ways that I have been trying to stay optimistic and to use this time to my advantage. It is a good idea to think about different activities to keep you happy and busy. Staying connected with family and friends will also provide a good opportunity to realize what you take for granted and what you are truly thankful for.   Continue reading Finding the Brightside of Quarantine