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The Squire Gives Tips on Taking a Valentine Out  

By: Alyssa Wismar  

     Picking a place to take a Valentine to eat can be difficult, especially with all of the options given to you locally. Warren County has it all, from romantic venues, to more relaxed restaurants, small shops, and more. However, if unsure about where to take a special someone this holiday for the most memorable date possible, The Squire researched and conducted interviews to find out more about different places to take a Valentine date this holiday.  

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What Makes a Snowflake

By: Rhiannon Cook

     Snow is a very defining and special part of winter, whether you’re someone who likes to play in it, or stay inside and watch it fall. It’s cold and beautiful, and either makes the season that much better or worse, depending on where you live or simply by your opinion. And though for most it is a very normal part of the later and beginning quarter of the year, is it common knowledge what goes in to creating snow, or a single snowflake? The Squire did some research and interviewed Mrs. Dietsch, Eisenhower’s Science Department Head, chemistry, and environmental science teacher, about the science behind the creation of a snowflake.

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