The Squire Gives Tips on Taking a Valentine Out  

By: Alyssa Wismar  

     Picking a place to take a Valentine to eat can be difficult, especially with all of the options given to you locally. Warren County has it all, from romantic venues, to more relaxed restaurants, small shops, and more. However, if unsure about where to take a special someone this holiday for the most memorable date possible, The Squire researched and conducted interviews to find out more about different places to take a Valentine date this holiday.  


     Christie’s is a bar and grille located on Pennsylvania Avenue West in Warren, and it is a family-friendly restaurant with amazing food. They specialize in burgers and sandwiches, with many different flavors and toppings to make tastebuds water. As the owners said in an interview with The Squire, “We have found that our fan favorites tend to be the steak and turkey jack subs, our chicken bacon ranch wrap, and our steak salad.” Although they don’t have as modern or relaxed of a setting as some other venues, they have a great welcoming atmosphere with food to interest anyone and are open from eleven in the morning to nine in the evening this holiday.  


     For those not able to meet with their special someone directly on Valentine’s Day, The Forester is an amazing option! Due to a specific schedule, they are not open on Tuesdays for this holiday, but, they are open from Wednesday to Sunday weekly, with the addition of afternoons on the weekend. Designed to fit couples who love a rustic and comfortable scene, The Forester has the perfect venue for comfort foods including burgers, kinds of pasta, and salads – anything you could crave!  

     Wendy’s Café 

     While locals may remember it as the Hatch Patch, Wendy’s Café is a somewhat newly opened restaurant in Warren on Hatch Run. The restaurant, which was previously located in Russell is open from six in the morning to seven in the evening this Valentine’s Day, and have a menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Despite their menu being mainly geared towards lunch and breakfast, they also have great dinner options. Their special on Tuesday nights, and this holiday being no exception, is burgers. You can get your food for take-out or eat inside with their indoor seating area. Ever since their opening, this venue has had amazing success, with many comments on their website saying how shocked they were with the service after seeing how crowded it usually is. Making reservations may be a good idea when considering this restaurant. Overall, Wendy’s Café is a very eligible place for a date for couples this Valentine’s Day.  

     Pub 302 and Eatery  

     Almost a hidden gem in Warren, Pub 302 and Eatery is located by the well-known Cornerstone on Pennsylvania Avenue East. However, the restaurant features a much newer and cleaner vibe than Cornerstone, complete with succulents and modern pictures, making it a great place to converse with your significant other or whomever you chose to bring. They have a small staff, but their food is worth the wait. With reasonably priced subs, sandwiches, wraps, and more, Pub 302 and Eatery definitely stands out compared to other local restaurants. They have simplistic and daring options on their menu, and are open from eleven in the morning to ten in the evening this holiday. 

     Bent Run  

     Bent Run is a local restaurant located in downtown Warren on Clark Street by the Allegheny River, and is an amazing location for couples this Valentine’s Day – or any day in general! They are well known for their mountain pies and flatbreads, but they also have new additions to their menu, almost weekly. For this Valentine’s Day, according to their Instagram, they added prime rib, alfredo, and crab to their menu for the loving couples in Warren County to enjoy. This venue is also a music lover’s paradise, as they have many local artists and bands throughout the year. This holiday, they have a ukulelist named Kallie Williams playing for the romantics, which is certainly a unique and fun addition to any date night. Bent Run is open from six to nine in the evening, and is definitely a place to keep in mind while choosing a restaurant to try out. 

     As previously stated, Warren County offers a wide variety of restaurants for couples this Valentine’s Day. From the venues listed above, and other restaurants described in The Squire’s regular restaurant reviews, the opportunities and dates are endless this holiday. The Squire wishes everyone a happy Valentine’s Day full of love, memories, and great food.

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