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Open Your Kitchen This St. Patrick’s Day

By: Paige Edwards 

     St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional Irish American holiday, which often consists of family gatherings, beer, and very good food. The food made on this day in March is usually Irish, which means corned beef and cabbage, Shepherd’s pie, and many other delicious Irish inspired meals. The Squire interviewed Mrs. Alexander, Eisenhower’s Home Economics teacher, about tips on how to cook some of these meals and about her favorite St. Patrick’s Day Traditions. 

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How to Beat Being Single on Valentine’s Day

By: Logan Abbott 

     As we near the middle of winter, a holiday comes along to take away the stress that has been 2021. That is right folks, Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Now imagine the worst-case scenario: being a lonely person on this day meant for love. You might be thinking, “Oh no, whatever shall I do?” Well lucky for you, The Squire has done some research to learn more about how to enjoy the holiday, even if it isn’t spent with that special someone.  

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Jumping with Joy on Groundhogs Day

By: Bridgette Gourley 

     Are you curious about if we will have six more weeks of winter? Every year Punxsutawney Phil pops out of his hole and never knows what he is about to see! This tradition is very special and well known. It is because everyone likes to read about the weather on the news, also, if Phil sees his shadow, we will have six more weeks of winter. Do you believe Phil the Groundhog is right?  Groundhogs Day only happens once a year so, if you have never heard about it before, you should look into it! Let’s find out all about Groundhogs Day.  

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