Wonderful Winter Parades through Warren

By: Avalynne Russell

Every year in downtown Warren, there is a big Christmas parade filled with lights, sparkles, and holiday cheer. The community comes together to make this happen with all of the floats, vehicles, marchers and even animals that are in the parade. This year, the parade took place on December tenth at six o’clock in the evening. The Squire wanted to give readers a look at what the parade was like this year, so we asked sophomore Emily Grosch some questions about the parade. But we also wanted to give readers a little bit of an inside look as to what it is like to be a performer in the parade, so we also asked Extreme Athletix athlete and Eisenhower sophomore, Cali Chapman, some questions about the parade.

     Both Chapman and Grosch shared about their favorite thing in the parade and their overall favorite part about the Christmas walk as a whole. Grosch said that her favorite part about the parade was all of the Christmas spirit and music. Chapman told us that her favorite part was seeing the community come together in the cold to celebrate Christmas. Grosch also told us that her favorite thing in the parade were the jeeps that were dressed up for Christmas, and Chapman stated that she loved how the Fair Queen and Junior Miss used a horse drawn carriage for their float this year.

     Fortunately, the parade was not freezing cold like it has been in the past, but we still asked the girls what they did to stay warm, and Chapman explained, “I layered up a lot and had lots of feet/hand warmers!” Grosch had a similar response, saying, “To stay warm, I layered up and wore a winter jacket.”  We also asked Chapman what her favorite part about dancing and walking in the parade was. She commented with, “My favorite part about the parade was seeing all the kids waving and having a great time and being able to wave back at them!” 

     Since there were so many people at the parade this year, we asked the girls if they saw anyone from Eisenhower at the parade as their final question. Chapman said, “I saw some of my classmates watching the parade, and I preformed with some of my schoolmates!” Grosch told us that she also saw people from Eisenhower in the parade. She said, “I saw some cheerleaders in the parade, including Cali, Haley and Avalynne.”

     The Squire would like to give a huge thank you to Chapman and Grosch for taking the time out of their very busy schedules to answer our questions. Be sure to check out the other articles in this issue of The Squire to learn more about the holidays at Eisenhower, and we wish everyone happy holidays!

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