The Squire Dines at Ida Mae’s

By: Abe Wolf

     In the small town of Russell, good quality businesses are difficult to come by. Not many businesses are left on the main road, and the ones that do attempt to establish themselves in Russell do not last long. However, with the exit of Wendy’s Café on the corner of State Street and North Main, a new restaurant has entered called Ida Mae’s.

     The Rib N’ Bones owner, Amanda Hummel, has expanded her restaurant expertise into the world of breakfast and lunch, with one night during the week for dinner. Named after Amanda’s mom, Ida Mae, the restaurant provides a diner-like experience with a touch of modernity to give you the Ida Mae’s experience.

     The menu consists of all of your basic breakfast needs, such as eggs, many different types of breads for toast, and meats like bacon and sausage. The most notable parts of the menu include their amazing pancakes and the variety of eggs benedict, referred to as “bennies” in the restaurant. And like any normal diner, coffee is a staple for all customers, which is made with  coffee beans freshly ground there. The service at Ida Mae’s keeps the coffee pouring into your cup throughout your dining experience and the food coming quickly.

     The kitchen is viewable from the dining area, so if you ever have concerns about the quality of food you’re getting, you know that is some of the best in the area. Even the sausage is bought from local farmers, not just microwaved from a package of frozen sausage patties.

     The Squire talked to Haley Eckman, a waitress at Ida Mae’s, for more information on the business:

The Squire: How did the business start?

Haley Eckman: The business started because Wendy’s decided to move locations. Amanda and Travis own the building, so they decided to open a diner.

TS: How has the number of customers changed since opening?

HE: The restaurant stays steady throughout the day and we have new regulars, as well as old regulars from Ribs N’ Bones.

TS: How do Friday nights at Ida Mae’s impact business at Ribs N’ Bones?

HE: Friday nights at Ribs are not affect by Ida’s because of the difference in the menu and location.

TS: What is your favorite menu item?

HE: My favorite menu item is the pancakes with chocolate chips.

TS: How does the business compliment Russell?
HE: Ida’s is the fresh start that the town of Russell needs, and it will hopefully encourage other people to open businesses here in town.

    The Squire wants to thank Haley for giving us more information on the restaurant. Ida Mae’s is not the first restaurant Russell has seen, but it certainly is a special one. With a business that is already successful, Amanda will likely be able to make Ida’s equally as successful. It is a business full of potential and good food that is bound to last a long time in the small town of Russell.

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