Movies to Watch this Spooky Season 

By: Abigail Grunden   

   With Halloween right around the corner, it is officially scary movie season. There are many options for horror movies, but, even if you are not a fan, there are also many seasonal movies to enjoy. The Squire will be giving a review on the movie, The Conjuring. We also will be showing different options and what platforms they can be watched on.  

    The Squire posted a few polls to see what the students of Eisenhower enjoyed most. We asked EHS students if they like horror movies and 73% of the students replied “Yes”. The Squire also asked if they prefer Michael Myers’ Halloween movies or Hocus Pocus; the majority chose Halloween. It is clear that most students at Eisenhower enjoy a little thrill. 

     A classic horror movie to watch is The Conjuring, which is available on Netflix. The movie is very chilling, even though it lacks gore. Rotten Tomatoes, a popular movie review site, gives the movie a rate of 86/100. The Conjuring features a family who starts to experience demonic activities that worsen over a series of time. They contact a famous couple at the time, who specializes in spiritual encounters and try to rid the demon. The Squire suggests you watch it and find out whether their issue was resolved or not, and at what cost. There is a sequel, The Conjuring 2, available on Netflix as well, that is just as bone-rattling.  

     For our viewers that are not very fond of horror, there are plenty of other Halloween movies available on Netflix and Disney Plus. Many high schoolers grew up watching spooky features on Disney Channel. If you like to reminisce and enjoy a little thrill, we can show you some options. A family favorite is Hocus Pocus, where three witching sisters search for youth by taking it from young kids. Another spooky movie series is Halloweentown, which includes multiple movies based on a secret town of monsters that only can be accessible to ‘our world’ once a year. The Squire is very festive during this season and would love to get our readers involved too! 

     Make sure to answer our online polls at the EHS Squire Instagram. We would love some feedback to see what our students prefer, and to see if our scary movie review and recommendations were accurate for our audience! Please visit The Squire’s website to view our other fall articles and let us know your review on The Conjuring

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