Preparing to Graduate

By: Hannah Newcamp 

     With the end of the school year approaching fast, many seniors are starting to stress about graduation. From walking across the stage, filling out scholarship applications, planning graduation parties, and getting ready for whatever comes next, students have a lot of changes that they will need to adjust to. The Squire interviewed Mrs. Hahn to get her advice on how seniors can prepare for the future. 

     Some of the most important things for students who are planning to continue their education after high school is scholarship applications. Scholarships are essential because it is essentially free money that can help pay off books, parts of tuition, and other expenses. For most scholarships, all the students need to turn in is their transcript and sometimes an essay. Mrs. Hahn informed The Squire, “Most scholarships are done for the year–there are still a few that are open.  If you didn’t get scholarships this year, work hard your freshman year and reapply for some next year.  While many that we advertise here are for incoming freshman, there are lots of other scholarships that apply to upperclassmen in college.” So even if you have missed deadlines for this year’s scholarships, you can apply next year for an opportunity to get financial aid. Many scholarships can be reapplied for annually, this way students can receive scholarship money throughout their college career. 

     Alongside scholarships, seniors should be working on making their decision about what school they will be attending. College applications should have been submitted by early March. With most acceptance letters having been sent out already, students may think that they no longer must try at school. However, final transcripts will still be sent out to colleges at the end of the school year. Mrs. Hahn’s advice to seniors is, “Don’t stop working now. You are almost at the finish line.” She told The Squire that the final transcripts play a big role in finalizing financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Mrs. Hahn also mentioned how even though college is the pathway that is mentioned most during high school, it is not the only option. Mrs. Hahn explained, “College is just one of many pathways for students after high school.  If you do not know what you want to do, it can be beneficial to go straight into the workforce and save money while you try to decide on a final career.  The military is another great opportunity to learn a trade/skill while holding down a military job.” Gaining those skills in the workforce or in the military can help you gain skills while you decide if you want to further your education or to work on furthering your career. 

     With all of the changes approaching quickly at the end of the school year, it is important that seniors make sure that they enjoy their last few months in high school. Although scholarships and graduation can be stressful, they are only a small part of all the great memories that students make during their high school careers. The Squire would like to congratulate the senior class of 2022 and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.  

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