Chow Down Before You Break It Down

By: Bridgette Gourley

     Do you have a favorite restaurant to eat at before prom? If not, The Squire has some good ideas for you. There are many factors to consider when you make the decision, such as whether you prefer to go on a romantic date, or go with a big group of friends. Either way, most restaurants like you to make reservations a couple weeks before prom in case they’re busy that day. The Squire sat down with Eisenhower senior Gannon Jaquay, to ask him a couple of questions about where he thinks is a perfect dinner date before prom.

     Each year, Eisenhower’s Junior Class organizes and plans prom for the upper class high school students. This year, the dance will be at the Conewango Club in downtown Warren. The Squire asked Jaquay about his favorite place to take a date before prom and he shared that Ribs N Bones near North Warren is his choice. The restaurant is a very popular place in Warren County to get food before the dance starts. Jaquay also said, “I prefer to go with a group of friends because it’s a lot more fun and memorable. For a lot of seniors, prom is something they look forward to, especially having a great time with their friends one last time.”

     According to, the top three best restaurants in Warren County to take your date to before prom are the Plaza Restaurant, Forester Restaurant, and Chiodo’s Ferro Cucina. While any of those restaurants would be a great choice, Jaquay offered a few additional suggestions, including his top three restaurants, which would be Ribs N Bones, Napoli’s, and Applebees. All these restaurants serve delicious food and for an all-around reasonable price. The Squire asked Jaquay whether he has a spending limit or budget for his prom dinner, and he explained, “Honestly I don’t have a limit, I’ll pay for whatever it costs.” So, if you’re someone who likes to eat a lot and spend money, Gannon’s your go-to date!

     Of course, pictures are an important part of prom. Once you decide where to eat, you’ve got to decide whether to take pictures before or after dinner. Jaquay shared his thoughts on the topic, stating, “I suggest eating after pictures because if you do spill anything on yourself, you’ll have to stand in the pictures with stains all over.” The dance is usually held at 7 pm so that everyone has time to get ready before. “The ideal time to take your date out to dinner is at 6pm,” replied Jaquay.

     Finding a restaurant can be very tricky sometimes. If you’re someone who is looking for a delicious, yet budget-friendly restaurant, The Squire has perfect ideas for you! Warren County has many different restaurants that you can chose from, including the top three, which are the Plaza Restaurant, Napoli’s, and The Forester Restaurant. Good luck planning a perfect dinner date for your dancing partner, and remember to chow down before you break it down.

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