Escape to the Masquerade Ball this Prom

By: Paige Pratt

     Each spring, the juniors and seniors of Eisenhower look forward to one big event – prom. Prom is one of the best opportunities to make the most unforgettable memories and dance the night away. Due to Covid these past few years, Eisenhower has not gotten to host our annual school formal, but this year it is finally back, which means so is the excitement. Prom committee is doing everything in their power to make it a good one.

     The Squire interviewed Alyssa Fuchs, member of Prom Committee, to see how everything is going and what to expect. Prom will be held at the Conewango Club in Warren on May 7, from 7 AM -10 PM. This location was chosen on the fact that it is a very nice venue with large spacing and is convenient for students to get there after dinner, being right in the city of Warren. The theme will be a masquerade theme, as Fuchs says, “It will be nice to have a more classy-themed prom this year, so it is extra nice for the seniors since they have not had a traditional prom yet.” Therefore, we will be seeing a lot of black and white, lights, balloons, and additional decorations, like masks. We have yet to have this themed prom and the anticipation is through the roof.

     Everything will be set up very nicely and there will be plenty of places to take pictures in the venue. There will also be a masquerade themed photo booth to get pictures printed. Fuchs informed us that there will be water bottles and snacks, including cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate covered pretzels. The light refreshments will help dance attendees to get energy while you burn it on the dance floor. Prom committee used social media to ask students for song requests, which they used to make a playlist for the DJ, making sure the music for the evening will be the best possible.

     The cost of tickets is $20 for single and $35 for a couple. They will be on sale during B and C lunch until May 5. Voting for king and queen was done over email and announced in the middle of the event. On court this year are: Ava Nizzi and Cael Black, Jordyn Cooper and Cole Chapman, Bridgette Gourley and Josh Parker, Lydia Larson and Jake Venman, and Maya Swanson and Thakari Warren.

      The Squire would like to thank Fuchs for providing information on the event and a big thanks to Prom Committee for making this night possible.  Prom is the night where everyone can come together and just forget about all the stress of the school year as they look forward to summer. Stay tuned to The Squire’s social media pages for pictures from the big night.  

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