Give Love this Valentine’s Day Season  

By: Alyssa Wismar  

     What better way to say ‘I Love You’ to someone special than to show your appreciation for them on Valentine’s Day? It is a widely popular tradition that people exchange candies, chocolates, cards, small gifts, and many other things on this holiday. Couples or friends can exchange gifts, or you can even give yourself a gift, and help spread love around the globe.  

     Even though the actual holiday is believed to have started around 1382, gift giving didn’t start until the 1400’s. Charles, the Duke of Orleans, wrote his wife a love note, and that’s as simple as Valentine’s Day gifts have to be. According to a survey in 2010, the average American adult spent around one hundred and three dollars just on Valentine’s Day gifts. Although, an interview with Eisenhower math teacher, Miss Bachman, suggests that you don’t have to break your budget this Valentine’s Day to give an amazing and heart-felt gift.  

     When asked what Bachman’s most favorite gift she had ever received was, she replied, “The Valentine’s Day gift that was so special to me was a handwritten letter.  This meant so much to me because it was thoughtful and from the heart.” Valentine’s Day is about showing your love for other people, and I agree with Bachman. She shared, reminiscing about old memories and sharing words of appreciation and affection really touches the heart of people receiving the gift and ensures that they won’t forget the gift you gave.  

      Bachman’s favorite gift that she gave is a book full of three hundred and sixty-five things that she loved about the person. Again, this is an example of a thoughtful gift rather than a store-bought item. She said she loved it because, “… I got to share with someone all the amazing things I loved about that person, that they themselves might not see.” Everyone likes to be able to know that their close ones care, and this book sounds like a great way to be able to tell someone things you haven’t even said in person! 

     Some ideas for gifts to give your valentine include:  

  • A love letter (As you’ve read, it makes the receiver happy)  
  • A picture book full of memories with the person (Try Shutterfly or a similar photo book creation app) 
  • Chocolates (A timeless classic)  
  • Jewelry (Matching jewelry pieces if you want to make them more meaningful) 
  • Tickets to go do something (Such as a concert) 
  • Or just spend quality time with them (Plan a special date or cook dinner in) 

     The Squire did a little investigating to see what Eisenhower students and our social media followers suggest as ideal Valentine’s Day gifts. According to a survey done on The Squire’s Instagram page, people would rather receive flowers than chocolates, a handmade gift over a store-bought one, a heart-felt gift rather than a materialistic one, and spend quality time with someone rather than receiving a gift from them.  

     So, remember this Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to spend one hundred dollars just to give an amazing and thoughtful gift to someone. As Bachman shared, “[Valentine’s Day] … is not about the flowers, chocolates, or gifts, it is about the time. Time is one thing you can choose to give to someone, knowing that you can never get it back.” Make sure to spend some quality time with loved ones this holiday!  

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