The Grand Canyon is a great place to plan a vacation!

Flip Your Trip

By: Alexandra Hagberg Photo Editor

Tired of boring old family vacations? Has your favorite family destination become a drag? Take a tip from the Griswolds and flip your trip around! The Squire consulted to bring you this year’s best vacation destinations.

  1. Maui, Hawaii- This is an obvious choice for a new vacation destination. You can’t help but feel relaxed while lounging along the sands of Kaihalulu. When in Hawaii, it’s a must to sample some seafood. Who could say no to Hawaii?
  2. Yellowstone- Yellowstone is the perfect place for you to get close to nature. There are steaming geysers, multicolored pools, bubbling hot springs, and miles of hiking trails.
  3. Grand Canyon- The Grand Canyon is known to have America’s most inspiring views. There are plenty of opportunities to closer experience the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Be sure to check out the Bright Angel Trails and the Colorado River.
  4. San Francisco- San Francisco is home to many different ethnic communities. The best way to experience the city is to explore each individual neighborhood. This place is best for those who enjoy edgy art, imaginative cuisine, and a taste of adventure.
  5. Yosemite- Yosemite is full of famous landmarks that are open to the public. You can make this visit a day trip or spend the weekend camping. In order to avoid wet weather conditions, be sure to visit during the spring, summer, or fall.

The Squire interviewed Grant Venman to hear about his vacation plans for this summer.

The Squire: Where are you planning to go this summer for vacation?

Grant Venman: My family and I have planned a trip to Lake Anne, in Virginia.

TS: What are you planning to do while on vacation?

GV:  Enjoy all the activities that the lake has to offer such as boating, waterskiing and fishing.

TS: What have you done to plan your trip?

GV: My parents are really the ones that plan the trip and all the activities. I just make suggestions and go along with what they decide.

TS:  What are you most excited for?

GV: I am most excited to see my family. They live far away so I only get to see them a couple times a year.

TS: How do you plan your meals while on vacation?

GV: There are five families; each family cooks a meal for one of the days. The last night we all go out to eat.

TS: What are some past vacations that you have taken?

GV:  Disney; Bethany Beach; Outer Banks; Deep Creek, Maryland; and Iowa. My family mostly prefers to go to the beach.

TS: Is there any destination that you would recommend to our readers?

GV: Bethany Beach, Deep Creek, and Lake Anne are all great places to visit.

Whether you choose to visit the shores of Maui or the deep trails of the Grand Canyon, be sure to make your trip something you’ve never experienced before. The United States has so many beautiful places to visit.


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