Finding That Special Gift for That Special Someone

By: Lydia Larson

Although Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be very stressful, especially when it comes to gift giving. Finding a gift for your significant other can be difficult, but The Squire is here to help you this holiday season. There are many different types of gifts that you can give that are easy to find, but meaningful too.

The Squire interviewed one of Eisenhower’s couples, Ava Nizzi and Cael Black, on what their thoughts are about gift giving during this time of year. When asked about the most stressful part about buying gifts, they both agreed that the cost was a big thing that they were worried about, with Ava adding that she was stressed about getting the gift on time. Putting pressure on yourself to find the perfect gift isn’t the only way to show the person you’re with that you care about them. There are many alternatives to gift giving, and when we asked Ava and Cael what they would do instead of giving gifts, they both agreed that they were excited to go sled riding and spend lots of time with each other. Sometimes the gift of spending time with your loved ones is more meaningful than anything store bought.

     However, many significant others like the idea of finding just the right gift, so The Squire checked back in with Ava and Cael to find out their thoughts on what they’d enjoy receiving from their significant other. Ava answered that she would be happy with anything, while Cael’s answer was a little more specific, “Food is always a great present.” Following Cael’s suggestion is a great, easy and budget-friendly option for gift giving. Consider making a cute gift basket with their favorite snacks, taking them out to dinner or even baking some of their favorite desserts.

Depending on what your significant others’ hobbies or interests are, some more gift ideas could include jewelry, clothes, pictures together, holiday gift sets, tech products, or gift cards to their favorite store or restaurant. When choosing the right gift, make sure that it is heartfelt and special. If your significant other plays any sports, get them something that ties into their activity. Another great gift would be getting something that you could do together and spend quality time with each other. Sometimes a homemade gift is more special to a person, since it shows just how well you know them and how much personal effort you’re putting into the gift. The Squire got their opinions on the pros and cons of each gift, with Ava sharing that, “You can always return a store bought gift, but they are easier to get; with a homemade gift you could easily mess it up.” Cael told us that he was “not a real crafty person, so homemade gifts would not be the best idea and store bought would be better.” While Ava and Cael both seem to prefer store bought gifts, be sure to consider what the best type of gift is for you and your significant other, as everyone has their own unique preferences.

If you’re going the store bought route this holiday season, there are many places to shop for a gift such as a mall, super stores, online, or small businesses. Ava told The Squire that the best place to shop would have to be “Walmart because they have everything you could possibly need.” Cael explained that his shopping preference is “Online because there are good deals and a lot to choose from.” Hopefully these opinions and ideas will help you find that perfect gift this holiday season!

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