Getting Festive this Fall Season

By: Jordyn Cooper 

      Fall has officially started and that means all your fall favorites are back in season. Every year, there are new creative trends to try out. The Squire has details about where to buy fall décor, where to get your pumpkin, how to carve your pumpkin, and what clothing trends are popular this season. From pumpkins to clothing, The Squire has you covered. For this issue we asked the students about their favorite fall décor. 

     The Squire asked the students of Eisenhower what their favorite fall decorating trends were through a poll on social media. The poll revealed that the students prefer decorating with haybales rather than cornstalks. When asked if they preferred carving or painting their pumpkin, 86% chose carving it. As you are getting festive and carving pumpkins this year, tag The Squire in your pumpkin carving photos to be featured on our page. Pumpkins are not the only fall décor students are using to show their fall spirit. Between pinecones and gourds, pinecones were most popular. The poll results also showed that flannel is favored over burlap. Students seemed to be almost split over whether they prefer fall leaves or fall flowers, with over 50% of students preferring fall leaves over fall flowers. The last poll topic was whether followers liked real or fake pumpkins, with real pumpkins getting the most votes. For some more interior fall decorating information, check out Squire member Paige Edwards’ article, “Decorating for Fall.” 

    Finding perfect fall décor is closer than you think. Most local farms have haybales and cornstalks to put around your house. Sometimes you can also find fall flowers such as sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and marigolds. One local place to get cornstalks is Lindell’s Hatch Patch, and Ekey’s, a great local floral shop where you can find many of your favorite fall flowers.  

     Pumpkins are a major factor in fall decorating. You can get your pumpkin from one of many local pumpkin patches. One place to visit is Pumpkintown in Jamestown, New York. Pumpkintown is a seasonal attraction, so there is a fee of twelve dollars to get in. Another place to visit is Port Farms. This pumpkin patch is in Waterford, Pennsylvania. Picking the right size pumpkin is especially important. recommends choosing one that weighs about 3-6 pounds and has about 1-2 inches of stem. Choose whatever shape you prefer, but make sure you choose one without any soft spots. 

     The next step is carving your pumpkin. The Squire researched some tips to make this process easier. One of the first things you should do is wipe down your pumpkin with a diluted bleach solution. This will prevent your pumpkin from rotting. Another thing to try is thinning the walls of your pumpkin. Thinning the walls will make carving your pumpkin easier. Drawing the design before you start carving will help prevent irreversible mistakes. Also, finding a design online to print first will make your carving neater. Tracing the printout onto your pumpkin is the simplest way to design your pumpkin. For some trendy pumpkin designs, check out  

     Additionally, fall has brought new clothing trends. One of the trendiest clothing items right now is sweater vests. They are perfect for fall weather and can be worn in many ways. Another well-known trend is oversized graphic t-shirts. These t-shirts are comfortable and easy to style. Midi and maxi skirts are also coming back. They are long enough to be worn in cool fall weather and can be worn with a variety of different tops. The Squire interviewed Eisenhower student, Taylor Napolitan, about her fall favorites. We asked Taylor what her favorite fall trend is, and she shared, “Sweaters. I love a good cardigan or oversized sweater with my jeans and daily white Vans.” Her favorite fall pattern is plaid, “It makes everything seem so seasonal and festive.” She also included, “Fall colors also help add to this aesthetic.” Another must have in her fall wardrobe is big fluffy sweaters and neutral colors. When The Squire asked about her favorite things to add to her outfits, Taylor shared that her hair, shoes, and jewelry help her outfits pop. We also asked for advice on where to get trending fall clothes. She explained, “Almost all of my clothes are from thrift stores or clearance stores, like Tj-Maxx.” Choosing the right outfit appropriate for fall temperatures can be hard. She shared, “Every morning before I go to school, I check the humidity and the temperature for the day. The higher the humidity, the less layers I wear.”  

     These are just a few ways to decorate this fall. No matter how you choose to decorate this season, the choices are endless. The Squire hope these tips give you a few ideas on how to make your home festive this fall season. 

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