Planning Your Grad Party

By: Jordyn Cooper 

     Are you a graduate this year? Have you started preparing for you graduation party? The end of the year is coming up and that means it is time for grad party planning. Some things need to be arranged before your party such as making a guest list, setting a party time, and choosing a location. Planning a graduation party can be stressful, but thankfully, The Squire is here to help. 

      Figuring out the timing of your party is one of the first things you should do. Most graduates host their parties in June or July because many of them move to campus in August. suggests, “The most convenient time for most guests to attend is during the weekend between noon and 6 pm.” Another thing to take into consideration is when your friends are having their parties, in order to avoid competing for certain dates. It is also recommended that you do your party “open house” style. This style works best because it gives your guests the opportunity to come to your party at a convenient time for them. 

     The Squire interviewed senior student, Morgan Kellogg, to hear what her ideal graduation party is and what she is going to have at her own gathering. Morgan described her ideal party theme, explaining, “I think if I could have a theme for my grad party, I would do something very simple with our school colors (blue and gold).” She also shared, “I came up with my party ideas from Pinterest, they have lots of easy DIY’s that I plan on doing.” 

     While there are pros and cons to renting a place for your party vs. doing it at home, Morgan shared that she is renting a pavilion for her grad party, “I think honestly it’s the best way to go so you don’t have to rent a tent in case it rains. Some cons, however, are transporting food and decorations to the place you are having it. Morgan complained, “Since it’s not at my house, we can’t go swimming in my pool.”  

     Graduation parties can be expensive sometimes, so The Squire asked Morgan what she plans to do to save money, and she explained, “For my grad party we are doing a cook-out style meal, so we’re going to have hotdogs and hamburgers rather than having someone cater.” Morgan also had great advice to share about decorating for your party, saying, “I think decorations should represent you and things you like. For my grad party, I am doing a few simple decorations like flowers in mason jars for table centerpieces and a memory board of my childhood/high school photos.”  Morgan also added that she prefers simple decorations rather than outgoing ones because she wants her guests to feel welcome and for her party to be laid back. 

     Thoughtful decorations and careful planning can make a better environment for guests. Plan a party featuring a popular theme like your high school’s colors, class colors, or your future college’s colors, and make it unique. To really personalize your party, it is important to include keepsakes or souvenirs of your journey to and through high school, such as a table with photos, awards, varsity letters, letterman jacket, or anything related to your sport or school. Along with all of your keepsakes, having a guest book at your party is another fun personal touch. It is a great way for attendees to leave you messages and advice for college. In addition to the guest book, you should also have letters and a letter box for the guest’s addresses to send thank you cards for gifts and attending your party. 

     If you need more inspiration, check for additional creative party ideas. The Squire wishes the seniors luck as they prepare for graduation. 

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