The Mail Carriers of the Cell Send a New Teacher Spotlight, Mrs. Swanson

By: Caroline Larson 

     For those who don’t know Mrs. Swanson, you are missing out on some in depth learning on how life works.  

     At the beginning of her career in the Warren County School District, Mrs. Swanson worked at Warren Area High School. Soon after, she started teaching at Eisenhower and has been here for 26 years. Mrs. Swanson has been teaching everything and anything about how life on this Earth works. Some classes that she taught and continues to teach include Biology, Anatomy, and Advanced Honors Biology.  

     Just like every teacher here at Eisenhower, Mrs. Swanson continued to teach online as the students were in quarantine in the spring and end of December in 2020. “I felt so bad for the students and all they were missing. (DNA!),” Mrs. Swanson expressed to The Squire. “I guess I got used to the idea and know that this is a temporary blip on our radar.  People have had to deal with far worse challenges during traumatic times.” She went on to add that the hardest part of online learning was not being able to interact with the students. “I feel bad for their loss even now. We just must do the best we can, but students must take responsibility for their own learning. These are difficult times,” she said. 

     To get a little bit more insight about Mrs. Swanson, The Squire asked her a few questions: 

     The Squire: What is your favorite part of teaching? 

     Mrs. Swanson: My favorite part of teaching is being able to talk about Biology every day! I love teaching students about how LIFE works.  We all live on Earth and are used to its wonders; it’s wonderful to understand and explain the miracles. 

     TS: Why did you become a teacher? 

     Mrs. S: I started out as a psychology major and then was totally turned on to biology while studying the nervous system. I had other students asking me for help with biology and I realized I loved teaching. My former roommates from college still joke about my “inspiring” lessons!   

     TS: What/who was your inspiration to become a teacher? 

     Mrs. S: My mother always encouraged me. If I am a good person in any way, it is because of her. As far as teaching style…I had Mr. Bob Bacchetti as my Chemistry and Physics teacher. When I became a teacher, I wanted to be just like him and hopefully I have lived up to my goal.  Mr. Pat Black was my math teacher and knew his subject inside and out. He has also been an inspiration to me. 

     TS: What are some memories that stick out here at Eisenhower? 

     Mrs. S: I remember the years of teaching Advanced Environmental Science: The students had projects they did in the EcoLab. I remember trudging out there with forestry tools including chainsaws! I was never afraid haha. I remember the school before the renovations; my classroom had such a nice view. I have wonderful memories of the teachers, students, and administrators I have worked with and for. I have loved teaching here! 

     TS: What advice would you give to the students here at Eisenhower? 

     Mrs. S: Work hard at all your endeavors and do your best work no matter the job. It isn’t always going to be easy, worthwhile things seldom are. I will leave you with the class motto from the EHS class of 1975: “To stand strong graciously, to smile, to love always and to seek understanding, these are the worthy ambitions of a life worth living.” Live your very best life.   

     If you ever have any questions on any organisms, don’t be afraid to ask Mrs. Swanson! Next time you see her in the hallway, be sure to congratulate her for being selected for teacher spotlight! 

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