Spending Galentine’s Day with the Girls

By: Maya Swanson 

    Each year Valentine’s Day sneaks up on us and you either love it or hate it. This year, if you are one to hate it, you have no reason to because on  February 13, you can grab your friends and celebrate Galentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day originally started in 2010 on the TV show Parks and Recreation. It is celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day, and it is a way to celebrate your friends and the friendships you have made over the years.   

     Galentine’s Day might be something you have never heard of before  since it is not a national holiday, but The Squire researched the history of it and how this ‘holiday’ came to be on Good Housekeeping. Amy Poehler who plays Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, the award winning,  seven season showcame up with the holiday to celebrate her girls and their friendships. She describes it in her interview with Good Housekeeping as, “Ladies celebrating ladies.” They would get together and have brunch, because breakfast foods are Poehler’s favorite, but you and your friends can decide how you want to spend your day. 

     Seventeen Magazine gives the ultimate guide to celebrate February 13. Throwing a party or going out for brunch is the go-to for this  girl’s day. However, while we are in a pandemic, keeping it small is better. It all starts by picking the theme, slumber party or all dressed up. The Squire interviewed Megan Strausser, a student here at Eisenhower, on what her plans are for Galentine’s Day, and she said she is planning on hanging out with some close friends, eating good food, watching some movies, and getting in a good cry.  There are lots of activities you can do with the girls, but Seventeen suggests having a secret gift exchange and setting up the perfect spot to take pictures.  Strausser is planning on buying flowers and chocolates for the girls and watching her favorite movie, Letters to Juliet

     Since food is always the way to our hearts, especially when it is heart shaped, The Squire checked out Dunkin Donuts Valentine’s Day menu this year. You can kick off the day by grabbing your friends and heading to  your nearest Dunkin to try out the Brownie Batter Donut, filled with chocolate brownie batter-flavored butter creme frosting, topped with vanilla-flavored icing and chocolate sprinkles. Another favorite, the Cupid’s Choice Donut, consisting of Bavarian Kreme and topped off with strawberry-flavored icing and pink sprinkles. A returning favorite this year is the Pink Velvet Macchiato. According to Delish, “It’s made with  espresso, red velvet cake flavor, and hints of smooth cream cheese  icing for a caffeine boost that feels more like dessert.” Baking heart shape cakes is trending all over TikTok, and we suggest cooking or ordering a heart shape pizza to eat before you get hard at work baking the cakes. Strausser is excited to make heart shaped cookies to share with all her friends. 

     The Squire hopes these recommendations help you plan and have the perfect Galentine’s Day. It is a fun, lighthearted holiday for all the  friendships out there. Good Housekeeping says, “The only rule is that you spend your Galentine’s Day celebrating each other, no significant others allowed.” 

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