Prepare for Graduation

By: Delaney Chase 

     It feels as though this school year is going faster than any other year. With graduation just around the corner, many seniors are preparing to say goodbye to their teachers and classmates. They are also getting ready for college by applying for scholarships. Preparation for graduation may seem stressful and overwhelming, but The Squire is here to help.  

     For some helpful tips about getting ready for graduation, The Squire interviewed the school’s guidance counselor, Mrs. Hahn. The Squire asked about the best ways for seniors to prepare for graduation. Mrs. Hahn shared, “By this point in the year you should be planning for post high school life. What are you going to do?  If you are going to college, applications should be submitted by the beginning of March for most schools (early decisions were due before November), though each school has a different due date. If you are looking for a job, you can start preparing your resume and beginning looking to see what is available to apply for. And it is not too late to talk to military recruiters.” Mrs. Hahn also explained that now is the perfect time to start preparing for graduation, as many scholarships are starting up.  

     Scholarships are a very important way for students to prepare for college. Most require very little effort and can save college students tons of money in the long run. Mrs. Hahn suggested that seniors should start applying for scholarships now, as most are due between March and April. Mrs. Hahn also shared that the school’s guidance office is a great source for scholarship opportunities. “​This year I am emailing copies of all scholarships that are received to seniors. You may also pick-up hard copies of those scholarships in the Counseling office and also on the Guidance page of the school’s website. The Community Foundation of Warren is a great resource for numerous scholarships–make sure you apply there!” 

     Some seniors feel it is difficult to sift through which scholarships are best suited for their abilities and should be prioritized. Mrs. Hahn gave The Squire some great advice, sharing, “Always look at the requirements for the scholarship. Find ones for your major and for things that relate to what you do now. If you do not meet the requirements for the scholarship—say, for example, the scholarship is for those going to school for engineering, but you are going to college for business–do not apply for it. Save your time and resources for the ones that relate to you. It will get hard to remember which ones you have applied to, so make sure you keep a list of what scholarships are available to you and which ones you have sent in.”  

     Some tips that Mrs. Hahn feels are important for scholarship applications include, “​Keep it clear and concise.  Make sure to fully answer the prompt that is given.  Always proofread for grammar.  Remember, this is the one chance you get to sell yourself to the scholarship panel. In many cases, this is all they will know about you.  Make yourself shine. And if you need help with the editing of your essays, stop in the counseling office–I am more than willing to help.”  

     With plenty of scholarship options, and the help of Mrs. Hahn and The Squire, graduation prep can be a breeze. If you are still worried about  graduation or applying for scholarships, stop by the guidance office to see Mrs. Hahn. She is always willing to help make your senior year  simpler and less stressful. The Squire wishes all seniors luck as they prepare for graduation!  

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