Staying Fit in Freezing Temperatures

 By: Aden Savko 

     With winter in full swing, many runners and other athletes are all wondering the same thing: How to stay in shape and make improvements when its hard to go outside and train. 

     I will be sharing my five tips to keep making those improvements you want, and I will even be including some tips from Eisenhower right tackle and everyone’s favorite mullet wearing hunk, Brody Porter.      

1. It’s important to have a routine; without one, it becomes super easy to run out of motivation and lose the progress you’ve been making in your off-season training. 

2.  Buddy up. Most runners already know that when you run with others it helps you push yourself farther, and it’s always easier to get out and exercise when you have someone there to do it with. 

3.  Moderate yourself. Don’t overwork yourself. It is important to take breaks and know your limits. You don’t gain anything from a strain-based injury. 

4.  Mix it up; don’t only do the repetitive exercises you have planned in your routine. Make sure to get out and stay active in any way you can. 

5.  Eat healthy. Despite all the effort you put into your off-season training, sometimes it is hard to stay as high octane as in season. Eating healthy in the winter is a good way to help make the gains you want as an athlete. 

     As a runner, you simply must go out and get runs in. There is no replacement that is quite as efficient as hitting the concrete and going for a run. You’re going to want to scale your workout according to the weather outside. If it’s super cold out, you might not want to go for that 7+ mile run you normally would. As it gets a lot colder outside, you will most likely want to follow the 20-degree rule – always dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer than it is. If conditions are icy or slippery, you might want to run in a trail shoe, but still be careful and watch your step! 

     One thing that is in many people’s thoughts right now is how to work out from home in case you are stuck at home. A very important thing is to make sure you have a space for working out. It will make it much easier to stay motivated when you have a dedicated space for exercise, stretching, and even meditation. Get out for hikes and work around the house if you can, anything to be physically active. The Squire had Brody Porter, a right tackle for the Eisenhower football team, share some of his own advice, “Make sure you stay on schedule, don’t skip workouts, but make sure you have fun doing it all.”  Enjoying your workout is super important, as it can help you go for longer or work harder, just from enjoyment. 

     Just because the season is over doesn’t mean you have to work any less. As a matter of fact, you should work harder to come back better. For you and your teammates, get out there and exercise this winter! 

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