Unlocking Movie Theater Doors

By: Paige Edwards 

     Things are now starting to reopen after the big COVID-19 shutdown in March. That means there are new rules and regulations at certain events and that some places everyone was so used to might now run a little bit differently. An example of somewhere re-opening in a different way are our local movie theaters. Theaters shut down across the country in early March. They now have just started to open back up again. 

     The Squire interviewed Alex Pascuzzi, Eisenhower student and employee at the Warren, PA movie theater. The first day Warren theater opened was August 18, but they opened with some limitations and specific guidelines. According to Ms. Pascuzzi, “We are only open Friday-Saturday right now.” There have been two different movie showings at the same time and they have been switching out every couple weeks. The theater is hoping to get three movies playing at the same time in the near future. 

     Although the theaters are open, there are some changes due to COVID-19. We asked Ms. Pascuzzi about the changes customers should expect. She explained, “All customers now have to wear a mask unless they are eating or drinking. Families and groups can sit together, but now you are asked to socially distance yourselves from other people and groups.” They also are only allowing 25 people in one theater at a time and have every other row of seats taped off. The employees now have to wear gloves and a mask at all times, and there is Plexiglass over the countertops. Drinks and snacks are still available, but with some precautions – the employees just cannot touch your cup or bucket when refilling. 

     The current movies they have in Warren right now are Hocus Pocus, Honest Thief, War with Grandpa, and Trial of the Chicago 7. There currently aren’t as many movies coming out in theaters due to COVID-19, so they have been playing older movies according to the season. That is why they are currently playing Hocus Pocus, which is a popular Halloween movie that came out in 1993. Some new releases are coming out soon, as there will be a new Wonder Woman coming out in December. There also is a new movie called After We Collided, which is a romance/ drama that will be released on October 23. There are many more releases that are being pushed to the beginning of 2021, so keep a lookout. 

     COVID-19 is slowing down and things are reopening, which means we can all start leaving our houses, getting back to our normal lives, and doing fun things like going to the movies. So, if you are bored at home this fall, check out the Warren movie theater. Just don’t forget you mask! 

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