Delightful Dates for You and Your Valentine

By: Patricia Bortz

Valentine’s Day is the time of year you can appreciate the ones you love the most by spending time with them, and maybe even a little money. If you’re unsure on where to take your date this Valentine’s Day, then take a look at these local spots that have been ranked as the top dating spots. Even if you are planning on staying in, The Squire has a couple ideas that are sure to spark your interest.

If you are lucky enough to have a significant other this Valentine’s Day, then there are a couple spots you may enjoy attending. An Eisenhower student, Chloe Mueller, shared her plans with The Squire, “For Valentine’s Day I really like going to dinner, but I don’t really know where we are going this year. I would honestly enjoy just staying home.” Sometimes staying home and watching movies is a nice way to spend the holiday with the one you love. Ordering takeout and watching movies is always a great date idea.

If you are looking for a chill spot in the morning to grab a cup of coffee, and maybe even a baked good, then check out The Arbor Coffee House. The Arbor Coffee House is located in Warren on Pennsylvania Avenue. They have a wide variety of coffees, iced or hot, and tea. Unlike Tim Hortons, the Arbor Coffee House is a nice cozy spot that allows you to enjoy a hand crafted drink while in the comfort of a homey setting.

For a midday lunch or snack, stop by Labyrinth Press Co. in Jamestown, NY. This nice little location is also known for their coffee, but they include a variety of delicious food and baked goods as well. They have a variety of pizzas, soups, and salads to choose from, and all for a reasonable price. This spot has a great sitting area, cool lighting, and soothing music that is sure to put you at ease.

Now time for the perfect spot for dinner, which is definitely up for debate. An array of restaurants in the Warren and Jamestown area would be a great fit for a Valentine’s Day dinner. One of the most common spots would be Olive Garden or Red Lobster, which are both located in Lakewood.

Many local restaurants are popular picks for a dinner dates, so be sure to go early or make a reservation ahead of time to claim your spot.  Another great option, if you’re looking for a drive, would be Pine Junction. Pine Junction is a cabin-like restaurant in the middle of the woods outside of Findley Lake. They include typical American food, but are known for their assortment of BBQ. Pine Junction is a nice spot for a country feel. If you’re a fan of the woods then this will for sure spark your interest and be an enjoyable time out for Valentine’s Day.

If going out isn’t your style, you could instead try staying in and cooking a delicious meal together. Wegmans in Lakewood is a great option to find a wide variety of unique foods. This Valentine’s Day, impress your valentine by trying somewhere new for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or even making your own home cooked meal.


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