Reviewing the Bear Lake Inn

By: Brycen Woodin

When you begin to drive down Greenly Street in Bear Lake, there is a little mom and pop restaurant called the, “Bear Lake Inn.” The Bear Lake Inn has plenty of American fan favorite food that you can enjoy, such as flayed and deep fried fish, a one pound burger, an all you can eat salad bar, and an all you can eat chicken basket.

The Bear Lake Inn not only has a great variety of dishes, but also provides easy and simple pickup, so in case you don’t want to eat at home, they have you covered. They have a large, medium, or small pizza with wings of any size quantity. Also, if you like to go to a bar and eat, the Bear Lake Inn has your back.

     The Squire has interviewed a frequent customer named Bryan Woodin to get some information and opinions about the Bear Lake Inn.

When The Squire asked him what he looks for in a good restaurant, his response was, “The food quality and the customer service has to be the best it can possibly be.” Another question he answered for The Squire was about his thoughts on the food from Bear Lake Inn. He explained, “They honestly have reasonable prices, so I have no complaints when it comes to their food.” Then The Squire asked personal questions about what his favorite food at the Bear Lake Inn is. Woodin shared that he enjoys, “The flayed fish with all you can eat salad bar.” The last question that The Squire asked Bryan was what he likes to have along with his food at the bear lake Inn. He replied, “I like it with salad, but on special occasion, I like their special cauliflower waffle fries with powdered sugar on them.”

For the Bear Lake Inn being a little mom and pop restaurant, it is enjoyed by many people. People say they provide awesome service to their customers and provide the best of memories for anyone who goes to eat there. Everyone who hangs out at the bar enjoys the memories about when the Bear Lake Inn first blew up to being such a nice place to eat at for lunch and dinner.    So head on down to the Bear Lake Inn and get something good to eat.

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