Jake Venman Boots His Way into the Spotlight

By: Alex Roberts

Many who know Jake Venman hold him near and dear to their hearts for one reason or another. For some, it could be his game winning field goals. For others, it could be that he is the end of the line for the Venman family at EHS. Still, others might not know him and might wonder what Jake Venman is all about.

When he’s not playing a sport, Jake spends time pursuing a variety of other interests. He may not have been the largest, but in locker rooms before football games he was certainly one of the loudest during prayers. On the football field, Jake is most known for his kicking role, but he was also a JV tailback and cornerback.

During the fall sports season, Jake split time between football and soccer. When it comes to soccer, Jake primarily plays defense, but was an all-around talent on the field and could truly play any position. For football, Jake was appointed to the first all-region II team as a kicker, and won the highly coveted EHS football special teamer of the year award.

To gain a little more insight into Jake, The Squire asked him a few questions in a recent interview.

The Squire: How are you so calm under pressure Mr. Venman?

Jake Venman: I just take deep breaths and relax.

TS: What does it feel like to wake up in the morning and realize you’re Jake Venman?

JV: I don’t know I just wake up and breathe excellence.

TS: How did you feel when you won the special team’s award and made the all-region team?

JV: It was really cool, and I was really excited to be named all-region kicker.

TS: How did you manage to balance soccer and football?

JV: I have good coaches that help me participate in both.

Jake doesn’t just play football and soccer, he also participates in basketball. When The Squire asked him how the season was going so far, he said, “We are looking pretty good; we had a scrimmage on the fifth of December against Seneca that went very well.” He says his favorite class at school is gym, because he gets to hang out with his friends and learn how to play new games like basketfoot and badmitten.

Outside of school, he likes to do many things in his spare time. When we asked him about his favorite activities, he said, “I like to hunt, play video games, and hang out with my older brothers Ross and Grant.” Jake’s advice for the underclassmen is, “to always respect your teachers and do your homework” Be sure to see Jake in action this basketball season.

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