Making Deer Jerky this Winter

By: Logan Abbott

Are you thinking about what you are going to do with that trophy buck after hunting season? You can turn it into boring old stew or steak, or with some help from your parents, you can get the equipment to make some delicious jerky.

In my family, we’ve made jerky many times throughout the years. It is an interesting and tasty way to process your deer. The Squire talked to my father Chad Abbott, a hunter from Lander PA, about the process. He is very experienced in the world of jerky making, and has been doing it for 20 to 25 years.

First, you have to acquire the equipment. Chad prefers to use the Nesco brand dehydrator and a variety of spices. They are available for purchase online. The usual spices my father puts in his jerky are sugar, jerky cure, chili powder, and regular jerky seasoning. He puts them into his signature recipe because he likes the flavor of them best.

Making jerky is quite easy. The first thing you do is thaw the meat that you want to use overnight and make sure it is ready to use. Then, you find a bowl and mix the spices in with brown sugar, until the sugar and the spices are equally mixed. Next, you plop in the meat and mix it all together.

Then you take a jerky gun, load it up with meat, and start squeezing the meat out of the jerky gun. You must make sure it is going into the dehydrator, otherwise you are going to have a huge mess. Since you probably do not want that, make sure you keep squeezing the meat into the dehydrator, which dries out the liquid in the meat, and continues to do so for about six hours.

Our family shares this gourmet treat with anyone who wants some, but we also keep some for ourselves. On average, we turn about 15 to 20 pounds of meat into jerky.

Alex Durante, a senior here at Eisenhower consistently enjoys some of the Abbott family jerky and shared, “It’s the best jerky I ever had, and by the way, when are you going to bring me more?” Soon, Alex, soon. This is why the Abbott family loves their jerky and share it to the world.

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